Therapy Liss
Therapy LissNo Frizz 4x1 - Alisa, Restaura, Nutre e Hidrata

Elaborated for rebellious, ethnic, thick and curly hair, this new Therapy Liss technology leaves hair with a natural smooth appearance. Developed from powerful actives that smooth, restore, nourish and moisturize hair fiber. It is enriched with antioxidant actives, macadamia and D-Pantenol, which together prevent hair aging, provide high emollience and sealing of the hair.
Its composition is rich in natural actives which helps to replenish water, eliminating porosity and dryness, making hair soft and silky for much longer. It acts on the realignment of the hair fiber, smoothing even the most resistant hair like the afro. Free of formaldehyde or other preservatives, Therapy Liss offers a quick, practical and effective application.

Straightening Blend

Lactobionic acid, lactic acid and Bio Restore.

Lactobionic and lactic acid

Derived from lactose, they have the ability to retain water in the strands, keeping them hydrated.
Antioxidant, repairing and pH regulator.
Contains bacteriostatic agents, which stops bacteria growth, keeping hair healthy.


Nutritive complex based on plant extracts that conditions, promotes shine, suppleness and helps in protein replenishment.

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