Paris Kit
Paris Kit

Pick the right hair straightener, according to the hair color!
The Paris Kit has hair straighteners developed especially for Blondes, Brunettes or Gingers. These cosmetics are able to diminish the hair's porosity and volume, granting a perfect detangling with a extremely straight result and a long lasting effect. At the same time they can give an exuberant shine to the hair without fading its colors, dyed or not. Compatible with all of the previous chemical treatments, they contain no formaldehyde in their formula, and are able to straighten 100% any kind of hair.

Paris Kit
Paris KitParis Lisse Rouge

Finishing Heat Protection especially for Gingers.

Developed to rescue the natural benefits from natural ingredients and revive ginger and red hair’s unique beauty.

Enriched with 100% natural pomegranate extract, an upcoming trend in the cosmetic market everywhere. The pomegranate is a fruit widely known for its antioxidant properties which combat free radicals and favor the revival of the strands, keeping the color locked in for much longer.

Its composition is rich in organic acids and also acts on realigning the bond between cysteine and sulfur. That makes for an effective straightening of the hair without any fading of colored strands. Free from formaldehyde and its derivatives.

Paris Kit
Paris KitParis Lisse Brunett

Finishing Heat Protection especially for Brunettes.

Developed specifically to rebuild, smooth, reduce volume and return properties of dark hair lost through the use of chemicals and exposure to the sun.

The Black Pearl returns body, keratin, cysteine and amino acids to your hair, which increases the number of electrostatic bonds of the strands and increases tensile strength. It causes reduction of volume and smoothing through the alignment of the fibers promoted by organic acids - making hair reflective, shiny and soft. No incompatibilities. Free from formaldehyde and its derivatives.

Paris Kit
Paris KitParis Lisse Blond

Finishing Heat Protection especially for Blondes.

Developed with Camomile Extract, it softens hair, in addition to being used in the formulation as a lightening and illuminating agent. It can be used in thick or thin hair, since it is extremely light and quickly absorbed by the strands.
Rich in moisturizing components and mass replenishers, it acts on intercellular regeneration, giving blond hair strength and flexibility. Smooths and tones the strands at the same time. No incompatibility. Free from formaldehyde and its derivatives.

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