Amino Plex
The Amino Plex line

The Amino Plex line, with anti-damaging action, allows coloring, discoloration and straightening techniques with safety, due to its unique technology that avoids breakage while preserving the structure and the integrity of the strands.

Amino Plex
Amino PlexReconstructing Shampoo

Cleans and restores hair fiber. Its formula is enriched with Amino Acids, Ginseng and Shitake Extract. It hydrates, gains softness back and retains the natural moisture of hair, promoting strong and healthy hair growth. * Does not contain salt.

Amino Plex
Amino PlexAmino Reconstructor

Developed with Brazil nuts and vegetable oil, it combats aging and helps in restoring damaged and dehydrated hair. Its composition contains high power of water retention, eliminating the aspect of dryness from the strands. Exclusively formulated for fragile and brittle hair due to excessive use of chemistry.

Amino Plex
Amino PlexAmino Keratin

Restructures hair that has lost resistance due to chemical aggressions. It has low molecular weight and doesn’t weigh the strands down. Penetrates easily into the cuticles, bringing quick and visible results. Instantaneously stops breakage and strengthens hair so that the professional has no problem finalizing chemical processes in general.


Proteína que promove a vitalidade e aparência dos cabelos,com o aumento do teor de umidade e distribuição de cargas alocadas ao longo das fibras queratinizadas. Aumenta o condicionamento, a substantividade e o brilho, proporciona um pentear mais fácil dos cabelos secos e úmidos. Diminui a quebra do fio de cabelo, deixando-os mais fortes, macios e sedosos. Também promove volume aos cabelos quando utilizada em grande quantidade. É rica em glicina, cistina e cisteína, aminoácidos essenciais aos cabelos, proporcionando um crescimento uniforme e saudável.


Devido ao seu baixo peso molecular penetra no interior da cutícula, promovendo o preenchimento dos poros e regenerando-a. Tem a propriedade de reter umidade, com isso, mantém os cabelos hidratados, fortes, resistentes e com brilho intenso. Quando utilizada em conjunto com a queratina, potencializa a ação da mesma, funcionando como ótimos agentes protetores dos cabelos.

Amino Plex
Amino PlexTip Repairer

It has silicone for ultra-bright look, suitable for hair with dry and brittle tips, forming a protective film, aligning the strands and repairing the double ends.


It’s rich in vitamins A, D and E. It’s also an antioxidant which contains high levels of essential fatty acids, omega 6 and phytosterols.


Nourishes hair and helps control volume.

Amino Plex
Amino PlexShampoo for Damaged Hair

Our Shampoo for Damaged Hair cleans while repairing and rebuilding the hair fiber. Elaborated with Keratin and Creatine, it promotes a complete restoration, reduces the porosity, and helps recovering shine, strength and malleability of the strands.

Amino Plex
Amino PlexConditioner for Damaged Hair

The Conditioner for Damaged Hair cleans and hydrates the strands. Elaborated with Keratin and Creatine, powerful assets in the repair and reduction of the porosity of the hair fiber, providing with strong, resistant, soft hair.

Amino Plex
Amino PlexSelaplex

The Selaplex System is a jelly seal inside the salon, because it has a rich formulation in JOJOBA and ACID LÁTICO and another 10 benefits, besides the anti aging action that prevents the aging of the threads.

Controll frizz
Protects against heat
Enable brightness
Strengthens brushing
Restores softness
Reduces volume

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