Silver Therapy
Silver TherapyNo Frizz Toner

Silver Therapy is the ideal treatment to straighten and reduce volume in blond hair. In addition to tinting and platinating the strands while realigning the hair fiber. Enriched with creatine and amino acids, Silver Therapy provides emolliency and recovery of strands, as well as an immediate restoration, since its composition promotes intercellular cementation.
Its composition is rich in natural actives which help replenishing water, eliminating porosity and dryness. It acts in the realignment of the hair fiber, straightening and restoring. It also tones blonde hair, leaving it with an incredible grayish effect and making it light and loose. Free from formaldehyde or other preservatives, Silver Therapy offers a quick, convenient and effective application.

Lactobionic and Lactic Acid

Derived from lactose, they have the ability to retain water in the strands, keeping them hydrated.
Antioxidant, repairing and pH regulator.
Contains bacteriostatic agents, which stops bacteria growth, keeping hair healthy.


Nutritive complex based on plant extracts that conditions, promotes shine, suppleness and helps in protein replenishment.


Technology which prevents aging of the hair fiber, protects the color from fading and external aggressions, neutralizes bleaching and provides correction of yellowish and orange color.

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