Just Sofistic Maintenance Line
Just Sofistic Maintenance LineShampoo for Dry Hair

Our Shampoo for Dry Hair moisturizes and revitalizes dry hair. Formulated with Bamboo Shoot Extract and Wheat Germ, powerful components in hydrating and nourishing hair fibers, it provide restoration, intense glow and soft touch.

Bamboo Shoot

Bamboo is rich in amino acids, cellulosic polymers, organic acids, and mineral salts. It’s very hydrating, emollient, restorative, remineralizing, and conditioning. It fits for people looking to restore the hair structure and improve texture and volume.

Wheat germ

Acts nourishing and revitalizing, also improves the elasticity and flexibility of the hair, leaving it soft, strong and silky. With high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, minerals and proteins, the wheat germ oil revitalizes the non-keratinous structures of the hair fiber, improving visibly the appearance of hair and renewing its softness, silkiness and flexibility.

Just Sofistic Maintenance Line
Just Sofistic Maintenance LineConditioner for Dry Hair

Our Conditioner for Dry Hair hydrates and repairs dry hair. Its formula is enriched with Bamboo Shoot Extract, Wheat Germ, Olive Oil and other Vegetable Oils. Has highly emollient, nutritive and restorative properties, all coming together to provide soft and silky hair.

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