Filmo Therapy
Filmo TherapyRecovery Gloss - ChromoCompact Capilar

To improve what was already good and extremely differentiated, we launched Filmo Therapy, a product truly different from anything you have seen before.
Capable of delivering a deep Hair Compaction and offering an intense and long-lasting smoothness from the very first application, Filmo Therapy will revolutionize the way hair is smoothed out in hair salons. It is the perfect solution to retexturize all types of hair, including wavy, curly or extremely kinky hair. Be it blonde, brunette or a redhead customer, Filmo Therapy will respect and maintain the color of her hair.
In addition to having professional excellence in Hair Compaction, Filmo Therapy significantly reduces application time, as it eliminates prewash and rinses after the pause time. Contains no formaldehyde or any of its derivatives.

Filmo Therapy
Filmo Therapy
Exclusive ChromoCompact technology and gel-like texture

Hair Compaction made with the exclusive ChromoCompact technology prioritizes the action of Amino Blend, the smoothing factor from Filmo Therapy, which penetrates hair strands easily thanks to its gel consistency and releases Nano Technological Capsules inside the hair fiber. These capsules then break down and release all emollient assets from the essential oils, which are activated through thermic action of the flat iron, ensuring a perfect and healthy smooth.
The gel consistency makes it easier for the hair to absorb the product; after all, gels have a faster action than creams, because they are composed by water, and leave no residue after the application, unlike the creams.

Chrome of pigments

Filmo Therapy has a blue and violet Chrome of pigments in its composition, which means that the product does not fade any hair dye, be it very platinum, golden blond, red, coppery, brownish or dark.
Therefore, only the hair compaction made by Filmo Therapy is called Chromo Compaction, because thanks to the exclusive technology ChromoCompact it is possible to have perfectly sleek hair without worrying about having to tone the strands again after smoothing them.

Lotus flower

The Lotus Flower Extract, a flower known to be rich in essential oils, which are inside the Nano Technological Capsules that break and release these oils, forms a true protective film around the hair strands that will retain not only the color and smoothness of the hair, but also all the hydration promoted by the own Lotus Flower Extract.

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