I straightened my hair, what now?

As attached as you might be to your hair, we’ve all had that one little moment where we decide to make a radical change. Whether it’s a different cut, a dye or a change in hair texture. Some women have been straightening their hair for years, but others are experiencing this experience for the first time. Those are the ones we’re talking to now! Did you straighten your hair? Learn what to do from now on:

First of all, we remind you that for a healthier straightening process, we suggest our sweetheart Therapy Liss. Free of formaldehyde or other preservatives, it guarantees smooth, hydrated, nourished and restored hair.

How to wash?

It’s very important that you use shampoo and conditioner specific for hair that’s been through chemical processes. In this case, we are talking about straightening. Go for products with pH between 4.5 and 5.5, so that they act on the hair without opening your hair’s cuticles too much, making sure that your hair remains straight for longer.

To always keep them healthy, look for keratin-based or amino acid builders, which replenish the hair mass, and products that contain moisturizing agents such as oils or butters. Our recommendation today is our Just Sofistic line, with cobweb effect, which regenerates and gives your locks life.


Do I need to blow dry?

Many women opt for straightening so they do not have to worry about blow drying their hair daily. With our Liss Therapy, you really don’t have to. But if you want to prolong the smooth effect, switch between air drying and doing it with a hair dryer.

Be careful, though: before turning on the dryer, spread a heat protectant with anti-frizz action on the locks. It will protect hair from heat, in addition to creating an anti-moisture barrier. Oh, the dryer’s temperature should not go above 180ºC, so as not to burn or dry out the strands.

If you choose to do it with a hair dryer, switch to cold air once you’re done and direct it to the hair, from top to bottom, to close the cuticles and avoid frizz.

Am I done?

Of course not. If you want perfectly smooth and long lasting straight hair, we recommend that you take advantage of finishing products. They are the ones benefitting your hair during the day. The most recommended are the ones with oils, such as argan, ojon, monoi and jojoba, which create a protective layer around the hair.

You can alternate the days to wash your hair, and thus, make the straightening process last longer. If you have oily hair, you can opt for Dry Shampoo.

Now that you have our tips, all you gotta do is enjoy your smooth, straight hair!